GMP Vitas® Bird's Nest Moon Cake- 8 Pieces Different Flavors

Best Gift for Mid-Autumn Festival.

Before you place the order:

Pre-Order from China Warehouse and mail to China only.  Please provide your Chinese address when you place the order. We will ship out the Moon Cake at the end of August 2021. Our China Warehouse cannot receive return packages, so we cannot accept any return or refund for this item.

Each Moon Cake consist 10 grams of wet bird's nest. The bird's nests used are imported from Malaysia, the total box is 1100g.

Malaysia Bird's Nest:

Malaysia Edible Bird Nest had long been practiced, particularly, the birds' nests are from wild caves.

This Bird's nest Moon Cake uses great quality Malaysia Cave Bird's Nest, cook over 40 minutes.

All flavors of Mooncakes are:

1. Matcha & Red Bean Bird's Nest Moon Cake

2. Taro Bird's Nest Moon Cake

3. Coffee Bird's Nest Moon Cake

4. Black Sesame Bird's Nest Moon Cake

5. Purple Sweet Potato Bird's Nest Moon Cake

6. Tiramisu Bird's Nest Moon Cake

7. Cheese Bird's Nest Moon Cake

8. Pandan Bird's Nest Moon Cake


All images used are for illustrative purposes ONLY. Please be aware that the shapes shown are illustrative for the individual type and representation of each item, thus the individual pieces shipped to you may differ slightly. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have. Thank you.

GMP Vitas® Bird's Nest Moon Cake- 8 Pieces Different Flavors- 1100g