Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your support and kindly understanding to GMP Vitas. Recently due to global supply chain slowdown and labor shortage, that caused our manufacture logistics delay, we just had our Electronic Pot restocked.

Also, we provide an option to you, if you don’t need the electronic pot, we can offer a $86 store credit for your next time use.

At the same time, we have a 50% off special promotion just for you, these products are great healthy food can be perfectly cooked with Bird’s Nest.

Please reply to this email for the following items:

  1. Reply your shipping address to us to receive the Electronic Pot
  2. Please let us know if you want to receive the pot, or $86 store credit to your account for the next time use.
  3. Please let us know if you want to order these 50% off products, we will ship out them with the Electronic Pot ASAP once we see your order (Please use the same email account to place the order via this link:, apply 50% off Code: GFT4U22 when you check out the order) You have a week to decide if you want this special order, the coupon code will expire on 06.06.2022

  Please reply to us ASAP before 06.02.2022 or we will ship out your gift to your original shipping address soon.


Best regards,

GMP Vitas Customer Service Team





您好!很高兴也很感激您对GMP Vitas的信任与喜爱。因为近期全球供应链变缓及劳动力短缺的问题引起工厂物流延迟,我们刚刚收到电炖锅,可以随时寄出给您。我们公司希望尽量满足您的需要,也希望您满意我们的产品和服务,所以我们有几个优惠选项提供给您。


同时精选出燕窝伴侣产品,提供5折特别折扣给您。这些精选食材是很好的健康食品,可以跟单独炖煮或搭配燕窝炖煮。产品链接在:, 需使用折扣码:GFT4U22


  1. 赠品电锅的邮寄地址
  2. 您需要我们寄送电锅还是希望赠送$86网站礼卡
  3. 您需要订购50% off 的产品,此折扣码有效期到202266日。




GMP Vitas Customer Service Team